Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't Tick Me Off has just started a cool new article series which delves into the lives of revolting creatures. Installment one is A Tick's Life: The Life Story of a Tick. I look forward to more.

Choice cut:  
I repeated the question of why God made ticks for Dr. Fish. He responded with a growl to what he took to be my facetious tone: "Nobody makes them. They're just there. Their object, like ours, is to make a living any way they can."
And the tick's place in the great web of life? "They transmit disease. They control population."

"Including us?" I asked.

"Whatever is susceptible to the disease."

Snow Jobs

Check out these beautifully creepy snow globes. Absolutely gorgeous.

Float On

Warming schmarming. If coastal cities get taken out by elevated ocean levels just move to a lilypad. Sign me up.

More here.

The Ghostly Gaze

A creepy optical illusion. The explanation of what's happening is fascinating.

A Different Spin

I can't wait to try this.

Go Away! We're Having Dinner!

Fucking bizarre.

h/t: Jeremy Holmes

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Step Through The Looking Glass…

And into the realm of the Clinton dead-enders. Even though the lion's share of Clinton supporters have come around and most of the rest in all likelihood will, there are still those who just can't get over her loss. They insist on voting for McCain or sitting out. 

If you scratch the veneer of their complaints about process, however, you start to get the sense that they a) just don't like the guy and are emotionally invested in their stance, b) are racist despite protestations to the contrary, c) they're filled with anger and spite, or d) are at least separated, if not divorced from reality (they're certain the DNC has disenfranchised them and Hillary).

Most of these people have formed groups and have websites. One of the noisiest is PUMA (party unity my ass), but I just discovered there are scores of them. I thought I'd link to a site that has a good round up of them, but don't want to give them the boost. If you're curious and want to get a flavor, go to (The cream of the crop, if you can call it that, are blogs called NoQuarter and Hillary is 44. These people have truly gone off the deep end. They're little but smear sites.) 

Mostly, I ignore them and recommend you do the same, but I figured I'd bring them to your attention because they can be an interesting vacation from sanity if you need a break.

Oh, I found this in one of them. It's an interview with the crazy lady from the May 31 Rules and Bylaws Committee fracas. She really is a piece of work.