Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Best Year Ever!

One of the most supremely satisfying aspects to this years election cycle—more than Obama's inspiring rhetoric, more than the huge surge in registered Democrats, more than the growing strength of progressive institutions and the lefty blogosphere—is watching as virtually every sophomoric, denigrating move from the Republican playbook flops ineffectively. It's almost as if the greater share of the American populace is waking up or getting wise to the Republicans bullshit (well, after 40 years it's about time). 

In the past three special elections where Dems have won previously safe seats, Repubs pulled out all the stops and tried all of their tried and true homophobic, xenophobic, nativistic, egghead-bashing tricks only to watch as they failed miserably. It's been a beautiful thing to behold. 

Courtesy of Josh at TPM, here are ads from another contest where the Repub is trying the same old, same old and his Dem opponent hits back hard. This one in Missouri. Given the way things are going this year, I think we can guess how it's going to turn out.

Choice cut:
One of the more diverting aspects of the 2008 campaign is watching how the GOP wedge issue playbook descends toward self-parody as its effectiveness diminishes.

Here's the ad running from Missouri Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO) against challenger and former Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes (D-MO) and her ad responding.
Barnes' response:
In terms of electoral politics, this is the best year ever!

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