Friday, May 2, 2008

Special K

I've never had a chance to try this, though I've been curious since reading about it in the early 90s. Well, it turns out it may be an especially effective anti-depressant. Time to find a connection. (That's a joke, Uncle Sam.)

Choice cut:
Night club drug could ease depression
LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists have unraveled how a horse tranquilizer and hallucinogenic night club drug known as "Special K" can ease depression, researchers said on Friday.

Ketamine, which can also cause feelings of detachment, could pave the way for new treatments for people suffering from depression, the researchers added.

The results were surprising because the researchers had expected that the ketamine would instead affect the part of the brain that controls psychosis, he added. "There was some activity there but more striking was the switching off of the depression centre," Deakin said.

Previous research had shown that ketamine improved symptoms in depressed people after just 24 hours -- far faster than the month it can take for Prozac to kick in -- but until now they did not know exactly how.

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