Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Sun Also Rises

"I have never seen anything like it. I have never seen a candidate treated so disrespectfully just for running. ... I can't believe it. It is just frantic the way they are trying to push and pressure and bully all these superdelegates to come out." 
—Bill Clinton, 5-25-08
Clearly people are calling for Hillary to drop out because of sexism. Because never before in our history has anyone faced such pressure before the final primary state has voted. I mean, right?


I can envision a new game show: contestants are challenged to watch video clips of either Clinton saying something and guess whether they're speaking truthfully or not. Bonus final round is tougher: the contestant will have to determine whether they're telling the truth, flat out lying or shading the truth. I'm not sure anyone could win (though the safest bets would be to guess lying all the way through).

Big wet sloppy kiss on the mouth to Jed Report who has already put together several of the best video compilations of the season and continues to crank them out.

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