Monday, June 16, 2008

Screw Hawaii…

…let's go to Siberia!

You're right, fuck that. But I do recommend reading  this fascinating article about that place you probably know only from playing Risk—the coldest city in the world—Yakutsk, Russia. Why anyone would choose to live there is beyond me, but I admit I would like to visit just to challenge my wussy-ass self. Now that we're safely in summer's embrace I can pass this article along without the worry of causing anyone psychic pain. 
Yakutsk: Journey to the coldest city on earth
Think our winter's been a bit grim? Try visiting Yakutsk – the Russian city where 'a bit nippy' means minus 50C, and a quick dash to the corner shop could end in frostbite. Shaun Walker enjoys a mini-break in deepest Siberia:

At minus 5C, the cold is quite refreshing and a light hat and scarf are all that's required to keep warm. At minus 20C, the moisture in your nostrils freezes, and the cold air starts making it difficult not to cough. At minus 35C, the air will cold enough to numb exposed skin quickly, making frostbite a constant hazard. And at minus 45C, even wearing glasses gets tricky: the metal sticks to your cheeks and will tear off chunks of flesh when you decide to remove them. I know this because I've just arrived in Yakutsk….

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