Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Dreaming Of A Blue Thanksgiving

I've been thinking lately about listing my predictions for which states Obama will win this November and compare them to various other media outlets' maps. Well, over at Pollster.com they have made my life a little easier with their latest map of 2008 presidential electoral projections. Here's their map:

By and large, their projections line up with my predictions (unlike other maps). The main difference: my hit is that several of their toss-up states will go to Obama, specifically Virginia, Nevada, and Missouri (which will probably be a squeaker). 

I also think he has a good chance of taking Alaska, though I wouldn't be surprised if he lost by a bit. Montana could go to Obama, though I wouldn't hold my breath. Florida's a strange case. Given the primary fight and the demographics, you'd think it'd be ripe for a McCain win. But I've been reading that tens of thousands of newer, young voters have been registering throughout the year, which is why it's now a toss-up. My bet is Florida turns light blue by fall and goes to Obama by a nose. 

What do you guys think?

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