Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Three Stooges (or Not One Iota Of Taint)

So, it's not bad enough that the corrupt and unfortunately-named Gov. Blagojevich gets busted in a colossally arrogant and monumentally stupid game of pay to play. Now he decides to stick his finger in the eye of his fellow Dems by naming a successor to Obama's senate seat. This is obnoxious (and just dick-y) on many levels, but leave those aside for a second and chew on the amateurish quality of yesterday's announcement presser:

I had to double check to make sure this wasn't an SNL skit, it was so bad. How in the world did these bumbling clowns get elected in the first place? I'm embarrassed for their constituents.

Now, put aside their clumsy performance and ponder just what you heard: A corrupt, inept governor cloaking himself with the constitution and insisting we take his appointee seriously (as well as insisting on his innocence). His appointee stumbling and bumbling his way through non-answers to serious questions, and a colleague invoking god and playing the race card so blatantly, so brazenly, that one wonders about the old goat's medication.

I mean, can you believe that this guy Rush is actually daring senators to not accept Burris because he's black? In this, of all, years? That he still thinks that kind of shit will fly is evidence not only that the guy is shameless beyond measure, but that he's utterly out of touch. It's fucking disgusting.

This is embarrassing as hell to Democrats and is one reason why I change my party affiliation to Independent when they are in power. I'm proud to be a liberal (with libertarian leanings), but not interested in being in a party that's either supine or stupid (or both) depending on the hour. I'm hopeful that Obama's statement against Blago's action provides enough political cover for other Dems to ignore Rush's statement. But I'm not betting the farm.

Update: On a less serious note, if I were them, I wouldn't be flying the word "taint" around as much as they do.

Update II: Jeez, it just keeps going...

Well, as HuffPo's Jason Linkin writes: "That's the question that Roland Burris is raising, anyway!"

But wait, there's more from Congressman Rush:

A higher principle indeed.

Update III: The sweet, bumbling Burris has a fairly high opinion of himself. Cheesy with extra cheese on top.

Update IV: In the span of two weeks, Burris comes to see the higher principle that Rush brought to light:

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