Friday, April 25, 2008

Campaign Defect

Just like after her NH and Ohio/RI victories, Clinton wins a battle but continues losing ground in the war. In what's beginning to look like a pattern, she wins a primary, crows about the victory, spins like mad for a day or two (e.g., the tide is turning)...then suffers a significant loss of support. So far, it's been the steady drip of superdelegates or endorsements going to Obama. This time around it's a major fundraiser—a so-called Hillraiser—that has defected. 

NBC's Chuck Todd 
has the story:
One of the things that both Dem campaigns are always nervous about is defectors. In particular, Clinton is more vulnerable to this problem since she's the candidate that is trailing. Well, NBC News has learned that a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, former Amb. to Chile Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon is leaving the campaign to join up Barack Obama's campaign.

Among the reasons for Guerra-Mondragon to defect, according to one informed source, was he was uneasy with the tone of the Clinton campaign and was beginning to worry about what this would mean for the general election.
Eventually, the writing on the wall will be impossible to ignore for all but the most diehard Clinton supporters. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later.

Update: That's in addition to the three superdelegates he's picked up since Pennsylvania. Clinton has picked up one.

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