Friday, April 25, 2008

Keep Your Heads About You

In responding a Millennial reader's frustration with the primary, Sully echoes me for a change!

Choice cut:
The next generation, meanwhile, needs to get real. This was never going to be easy or simple. Real change never is. Abandoning the process in the face of raw cynicism is what the Clintons want. They have to freeze out the millions of new voters if they are to retain their grip over their party. But the truth remains: with these millions of new voters and new donors, they can be defeated - and have been defeated. Despite massive advantages, the Clintons have been singularly unable to close the deal that was theirs' for the asking only six months ago.
What they're doing now is trying to out-psyche us. It's all they have left. Don't let them get into your head!
That's exactly right. And if we all can keep our heads—and keep Team Clinton out of them—they won't succeed.

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