Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veep Debate Live-blog, part 1

Here we go...

Clearly, Ifill is biased toward Biden. I can tell already, can't you? See, first question to Biden.

Palin upon shaking Biden's hand: "Can I call you Joe?" The eyes roll. 

Biden thanks Ifill then begins answer. Ties financial crisis to Bushies. Solid start. Has he botoxed his forehead? Draws contrast between tickets. Focus on the middle class.

Palin starts talking about kids' soccer. "See, I'm being folksy." Shouts out McCain's virtues.

So far, they both look good. 

Biden is nice. Palin lies about McCain's "fundamentals of economy are sound" comment. Lies about Obama's record. She's on a "team of mavericks" okie-dokey.

Gwen calls them both out on non-answers.

Palin: "Darn right, it was predator lenders." Shucks. She's looking straight into the camera as she speaks. Effective. 

Biden reminds of McCain's poor judgement. Reminds of McCain's deregulating impulses. He's speaking to Ifill, now goes to camera. Ugh. First human interest story. 

Palin: "Darn right, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah." Attacks Obama's record again. 

My prediction: "Darn right..." is the soundbite take away from the night. 

Biden defends Obama. Both attack top of the ticket. Okay, finally Biden goes after Palin. 

Palin attacks gently admonishes Biden and media elite and "wants to talk straight to the American people." Groan.

Biden: Fairness. Middle class, middle class, middle class. Fairness. Middle class, middle class, middle class. Attacks McCain's tax plan. 

Palin: Basically, calls him a socialist. She's such valley girl. Oooo, she said "budget neutral." "I used jargon, don't I sound smart?" Defends McCain's health care plan, while using old "government in charge of 1/6 of economy talking point.

Biden: I'll see your middle class background, with my middle class background. Attacks McCain's plan. Looks straight into camera. Ends with "bridge to nowhere" diss. 

Biden: May have to trim foreign assistance. Sort of answers, then pivots to attack McCain. 

Pizza break. Be back later.

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