Thursday, October 2, 2008

Veep Debate Live-blog, part 2

Palin just blew what could have been an effective (though bs) line calling Obama's plan to withdraw from Iraq a "white flag of surrender." Attacks Biden from switching a position.

Biden defends well, while attacking McCain, but sounds a bit angry. Palin hasn't said a thing of substance, but is killing on style. We will go after bin Laden if we have actionable intelligence.

Palin sounds as if she's holding her own. But what has she said? Dear god, I cannot stand her voice! My ears hate me right now. Just spent several minutes blowing smoke. Where's Ifill?

Biden calls Bush Admins Middle East policy an abject failure. Strong.  

Palin smoke, smoke, smoke.

Biden gets all rhythmic and hammers McCain. But, frankly, he didn't say anything either.

Palin: She loves her some "nucular". She's sounding chatty, nervous almost. 

Ifill is letting her get away with murder. Moderate, Gwen. Moderate. 

This is a much feistier debate than last week's. 

Biden sounding good and strong. Ooh, reminds people of Obama-Lugar nuclear bill. Good stuff.

Palin rebuts Biden's points. Biden sighs audibly. Don't do it, Joe!

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