Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wet Dream, IX

Another hour, another Wet Dream post. This time from Charlie Cook of The Cook Report.
Late Monday afternoon I was standing in front of 200 or so congressional staff members when someone in the front row handed me a Blackberry with the news bulletin announcing Sen. Ted Stevens' seven-count felony conviction. As I read the news flash to the gasping Hill aides one thing jumped into mind: "Foley Friday," Sept. 29, 2006, when news broke of then-GOP Rep. Mark Foley's inappropriate behavior toward a House page. At that point in 2006, Republicans had already been buffeted for a year or more by a then-worsening situation in Iraq and a wide array of scandals. Just as it seemed things could not possibly get worse, they did. Only the most partisan of Democrats or cold-hearted of people would fail to have some compassion or sympathy towards a party for which virtually everything has gone wrong. Someone recently likened it to watching a wounded dog kicked.
He's got it exactly wrong with the wounded dog metaphor. That implies that they don't deserve every bit of whipping they get. And they do. A better metaphor would perhaps be putting down the fox that has cleared out your hen house or maybe crushing the back of a rattler before if can finish the job of killing the rest of your family.

Make no mistake, if they get the drubbing it's looking like they will, it couldn't happen to a more deserving group of people. 

But, hey, I'm probably just excessively partisan and cold-hearted.

Update: Oops! This post was originally mistitled Schadenfreude. My bad.

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