Saturday, November 1, 2008


This video of the Republican mayor of San Diego coming out (!) in favor of gay marriage is just as remarkable as it is touching. 

This has been and continues to be the most bizarre and amazing political year. You can almost feel the spin of history and the terrain shifting under your feet. The outcomes Tuesday night matter, but regardless of them, dramatic shifts have already occurred. Welcome to a new era in American history. We've all fucking earned it.


Annie said...

With out you Jeff, I am sure I would never have seen this touching video. It shows that times and minds are changing. I hope that this convinces more minds to open and to change!

Pete said...

Thanks for posting this, Jeff. I'm going to send it to someone who needs to see it.

Shanti said...

Thanks for posting this Jeff. What a touching speech. I'm very moved by his words and sentiments. I hope that a change is coming and as Annie said, that minds are opening to it. Let it be so!