Monday, October 6, 2008

The Spice Of Life

John Cole of Balloon Juice has been one of my favorite conservative bloggers for years now.

And like many intellectually honest conservatives, he has publicly chronicled his rapid and complete disillusionment with Republican Party after finally awakening to the fact (obvious to liberals for years) that their party had been taken over by theocratic radicals and anti-democratic charlatans. (Despite being a self-described conservative and having little love for Democrats, he's actually pretty socially liberal.) He cheers for a large and nasty defeat for his former party and has even registered as a Democrat so he could vote for Obama in the primaries. 

All of which is a long way of introducing the guy responsible for the best political neologism of the election cycle, his nick name—brilliant for its concision in getting right to the heart of the matter—for McCain's intellectual giant of a running mate: 

Bible Spice. 

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