Wednesday, November 5, 2008

California Non Grata

As gleeful as I was last night, I'm pissed and irritated today. I failed to manage my expectations and assumed we'd see a rout. Instead I awake today to find out that Alaskan senator Ted Stevens will likely hang onto his seat, the Smith-Merkley race is too close to call, Franken will probably lose in Minnesota, and worse, much worse, disgustingly worse, California has voted Yes on Prop 8. 


Let that sink in.

A state which has for years symbolized progressive ideas, a state which has offered port in the storm for us freaks who couldn't bear life in the sad hamlets of the midwest, south and plains states, a state which is home to San Francisco and Los Angeles, voted to deny a portion of the populace the right to marry the loves of their lives. They voted to create a second class of citizens. 

This is sickening to me. 

I'm angry at myself for inflated expectations. I'm angry at the corrupt crazies of the LDS church who butted their Salt Lake-encrusted noses into their neighboring state's business. But mostly I'm angry at California for acceding to such a petty and vindictive proposition. 

Shame on you. (And say goodbye to my tourist dollars.)


Michael said...

Sad, sad, sad. At least Merkley just won...

Abrxas said...

Did he? I've been away from the computer for a few hours and didn't read that. Awesome.