Monday, November 3, 2008

Dwellers On The Threshold

A strange calm hangs over most regions of the political blogosphere today. I'm feeling it myself. I'd expected to feel excited on this election eve—anxious, nervous—something. Instead, I just feel…something between numbness and calm. 

We are on a precipice of history—the threshold of a new and potentially uplifting era. Tomorrow will be one of the more important dates in American electoral history, probably the most important one of our lives. We, as a country, stand on the edge of a cliff—in less than 24 hours we'll know whether we've decided to plunge further into darkness or take flight into the bright light of a new world. 

Sleep well, my friends. Carry hope into your dreams. Can we move another step closer to fulfilling the promise of our collective birthright? 

Yes. We. Can. 


P.S. Yeah, the prose is a little purple, but, hey, how often does a moment like this one come along in a man's life? 

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