Friday, May 16, 2008

(Almost) Post-Game Analysis

The New Republic's Michelle Cottle asked several of Hillary's staff members to create a list of what went wrong. It's fascinating. It shows that despite the cheery and defiant bs that Wolfson and McAuliffe (and the dour defiant bs from Mark Penn earlier in the year), people in the campaign actually had and have a good sense of what was going on and what happened. 
What Went Wrong?
The exclusive story of Hillary's fall, as told by the high-level advisors, staffers, fundraisers, and on-the-ground organizers who lived it.
Endings are rarely as joyous as beginnings--and in the case of a long, wearing, and ultimately disappointing campaign, they can be downright brutal. But they also have the potential to be educational, for participants and gawkers alike. So it is that we asked (begged, really) a range of Hillarylanders for their up-close and personal lists of "What Went Wrong?" Not everyone wanted to play. Many stubbornly pointed out that their candidate is not yet dead. But, on the condition of total anonymity, a fairly broad enough cross-section of her staff responded--more than a dozen members all told, from high-level advisors to grunt-level assistants, from money men to on-the-ground organizers.…
My favorite: 
1. Mark Penn
2. Mark Penn
3. Mark Penn

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