Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're Pathetic!

Ahhh…the news just keeps getting better for us libs. Sam Stein has this at HuffPo:
GOP Adviser: This is '94 In Reverse, We're Pathetic
A palpable sense of doom has set in among Republican rank and file as the party begins to lick its wounds from last night's defeat in a special Mississippi congressional election. The loss, which was the GOP's third straight in what had been reliably Republican districts, spurned talks of even greater, historical setbacks in the fall.

"This is 1994 all over again," Frank Luntz, a famed Republican communications consultant, told The Huffington Post. "I was there. I saw it firsthand. The Republicans of 2008 are behaving exactly like the Democrats of '94 and making exactly the same mistakes. It's pathetic."

Republican officials are concerned that Washington may bring more harm than help for the down ticket candidates

"Really the mistake they have made is to nationalize these elections when the national image is poisonous for Republicans right now," explained Craig Shirley, a Republican strategist with Shirley Bannister Public Relations. "What they should do is focus on local affairs. When you are sending in big time politicians from Washington and cater to the national media, you are reminding people why they are upset with the Republican Party in the first place."

"This is as bad as I can remember since post Watergate," said Shirley.

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