Friday, October 24, 2008

False Equivalencies Falling Away?

One of the surprising (and amazing) things to happen this election cycle is the push back by many in the media against false equivalencies—that is, the obsessive need to report both sides as being equally complicit in an act, for example, when in fact, both aren't. It's the fruit of the Right's generation-long tactic of working the ref; hammering mainstream media types as liberal so much and so often that they internalize the beating and will do anything to disprove their alleged liberal bias. 

It's been the cause of frustration for liberals and just straight up reasonable watchers for years now, but we've learned to live with it like one does smog. And it's finally changing. 

In this table talk, Andrew Sullivan and Marc Ambinder discuss their takes on the phenomenon and—bonus—Sullivan's love for Sarah Palin:

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