Friday, October 24, 2008

Mad About Mad Men

I've written about the relatively new AMC show Mad Men before and will write about it in greater depth at some time, but I need to get this out of my system now.

Never mind the stellar acting, the exquisite writing, the piercing social critique, the slow, careful way each scene unfolds, and the finely-tuned, impossibly-accurate set designs, any show that stimulates this kind of intelligent discussion is one that you just shouldn't deny yourself. Take some time to read the post and comb through some of the 90+ comments. Then ask yourself why the hell you haven't gone out of your way to watch what is undeniably the best drama on TV (and in today's post-Soprano's/ post-Six Feet Under cable climate of The Shield, BSG, Breaking Bad, etc., that's saying something. I mean it.). 

Listen, you're my friends, I wouldn't steer you wrong on this. Do us both a favor and watch this show.

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Pete said...

Sorry, Jeff, but the four of us watched four episodes and were disappointed. Sets were great, but we felt the characters were unbelievable clichés. Not compelling. Returned to Netflix without watching all the episodes. I even said while watching ""I don't understand why Jeff likes this."