Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More On Prop 8

It's a Daily Dish kind of day. Sullivan explores the connection between LDS and other evangelicals and their funding of Prop 8: 
The Mormon Church vs Civil Marriage Equality
The main reason the ban on marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples has been able to finance a massive advertizing campaign is that the LDS church is bankrolling the entire effort. Up to 40 percent of the financing comes from Mormons, who have also sent countless volunteers to the state to canvass door to door. It's all legal, and totally within their democratic rights, but it is striking that one single religious grouping could invest so much in attempting to strip civil equality from gay couples:

This strong alliance between the Mormon church and the Christianist evangelicals on the marriage issue in California goes back some way. Mitt Romney explained the Mormon-Falwell connection in Christianity Today:
[S]everal months ago, not long before he died, I had the occasion of having the Rev. Jerry Falwell at our home. He said that when he was getting ready to oppose same-sex marriage in California, he met with the president of my church in Salt Lake City, and they agreed to work together in a campaign in California.
If you can, please help with the push back. There are always cross currents in politics, even when the dominant trend is strong. Let's not let this become one of them.

Update: Ellen chimes in, cutely.

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