Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Proud, Willful Ignorance

This is, as Sullivan editorializes, Chirsitianism personified. It's also pathetic as hell. 

Q: What about voting against your husband's economic interests? A: God will take care of us. Yeesh.

This woman's myopia reminds me of the story of the guy who's stranded on top of his house after a flood, who refuses three rescues attempts, explaining that god will save him. After drowning and going to heaven, he questions god about his failure to save him and god says something to the effect of "Well, I tried three times; you ignored me."

These types of people never seem to get that their god maybe, just maybe, gave them a brain so that they can reason through issues and that it's wasteful and disrespectful to leave the faculty untouched. Or, put more simply (for their sake), what about the old adage "god helps those who help themselves?"

Ignorance is one thing, but proud, willful ignorance is inexcusable. And these mental and spiritual midgets disgust me.

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