Thursday, March 27, 2008

Express Yourself

Gross out alert! Don't read if eating.

Another great thing about today: As I mentioned in the previous post, Akiva, Bella, and I went on a hike earlier. While on the trail Bella kept squatting like she needed to poop but nothing came out. I was a little concerned, but Akiva mentioned that dogs will do that sometimes if they need to evacuate their anal sacs. 


Anyway, I mentioned this to Annie when we got home from dinner and she suggested doing some online research. Half a minute later, and not only had I found more info about it than I'd ever want, but one of the first links listed was a how-to video explaining how to "express" (not expel, not evacuate—express) your dog's anal glands. 

It was so absurd I laughed for what felt like five minutes. A video on how to squeeze reluctant discharge out of your dog's ass—done with a clinical deadpan. And there it was in all it's scatological glory just a few clicks away. 

I suppose if we can bring ourselves to do it, we can save on the vet bill.…

I can't bring myself to embed the video, but if you're curious, here's the link. Because you never know when your dog may need you to help express herself. 

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