Friday, October 17, 2008

A Bit Of A Walkback

A post in which your insatiably itchy author walks back a bit from his perhaps over-confident predictions of an Obama landslide. 

Now there's still a strong possibility of big day in early Nov. (33% from last reports), my more sober side has clawed its way back into the picture. It's clear to me that this race can't help but tighten up, at least a bit. And it's still possible that McCranky, Bible Spice and their hordes of knuckle-dragging racists may surge at the last minute and win this thing. I don't think that will happen, but it could. And while I'm confident in Obama's soon-to-be-legendary ground game (as well as his overall game), it's unwise to be cocky about it.  

So, I'm still predicting an Obama win, and hoping/praying for an Obama/Dem landslide, but I have to at least acknowledge the possibility that he could lose. 

He (and we) still have work to do.

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