Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Three For Three

Well, that wraps them up. Another clear debate victory for Obama. McCain attacked but didn't connect and ended up seeming like an even crankier old man than before. Americans want strength in a leader, but also warmth. McCain had none to offer.

What's more, Obama was clearly the alpha male at the table, looking directly at McCain while critiquing his positions (causing McCain looked away at one point) and calling him John several times. He projected a calm, cool, steady command of facts, ideas and vision. He spoke directly into the camera more frequently and was as specific about ideas as a presidential candidate can be if he wants to win. While McCain flailed and failed to make his case, Obama made his clearly and powerfully. And he has won the majority of Americans over. 

Get out your history books, and review and get acquainted with the pivotal moments. Because we're about to walk right into the pages and join them in a big way.

Update: Finally, a decent moderator. Schieffer did a decent job. This was the best format, as well. 

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