Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Final Debate!

The final 08 debate Settle down and get ready to see McCain kick Obama's ass.

They're seated in swivel chairs. Interesting choice. I actually think McCain will have a pretty good night tonight. Let's see. Schieffer is damn near filibustering on his first question. 

Ugh, already with the "real person" story. At only eight minutes in. Joe the plumber, believe it or not. Thanks, McCain.

Obama ripostes with joke and counters McCain's points. 

McCain goes back to the tried and true, says Obama was to "spread the wealth around". As in redistribute wealth. As in Commie!

If I hear "Joe the plumber" one more time I'm going to tear my ears off. They couldn't have found a plumber named Felix?

Obama makes good point about not liking taxes but needing them for functioning society. 

McCain continues his "redistribution" attack. 

Next question, please.

Obama started strong looking right into the camera. He's back to addressing Schieffer, though. Wants line-item veto? Obama's making great case about preventative actions to societal ills. "Embrace ethic of responsibility."

McCain goes back to previous q. Still likes Hillary.

Schieffer's holding both of their feet to fire as they try to squirm out of questins. 

McCain likes cutting instruments. Hatchets, scalpels. He still knows how to do things. Still won't elaborate. Show, John, don't tell. 

Somebody should tell him that "I know how..." is not an effective technique.

Obama looks at McCain as he makes his point. McCain holds gaze for split second before looking down and away. There's your tell, right there. 

Good god, they both love hatchets and scalpels. 

McCain claims he can balance budget in four years. Hands Obama a gift by saying he's never one against Democratic leadership.

Obama proceeds to list the times he has. Smoothly ties McCain to Bush. Incorrectly says McCain disagreed with Bush on torture. That was only initially true. He eventually caved and that's the real travesty of the man's career. Why does Obama give that to him?!?

Ooo, Schieffer challenges them both to say to each other's face what has been said on the trail.

McCain: I'm only nasty because Obama wouldn't do town hall meetings with me. Is he really serious? What a wussy fucking thing to be saying on national television. Brings up John Lewis's critique. His feewings were hurt. Sowwy John. Claims Obama has spent more money than ever on negative advertising. Probably untrue. 

Obama reminds McCain that 100% of his ads have been negative. Obama calls McCain on the town hall thing. Good. Brings the American people back in. 

It's remarkable how gray Obama has gotten over the campaign. 

McCain's back on Joe the fucking plumber. He won't repudiate John Lewis. Waaa!

Obama clarifies what actually happened with Lewis. McCain starts to talk over Obama. Obama continues McCain withdraws. Obama is so besting this guy.

McCain is taking what looks like authentic umbrage at attacks on his crowds. Obama pivots from tit for tat, brings focus back to issues. 

McCain finally brings up Ayers and ACORN, which may be destroying the fabric of American society! That is teh awesomest! 

Obama again condemns Ayers actions 40 years ago. Brings up Annenburg and other Repubs that served on board with Ayers. Obama goes on offense with his associations. Cloaks himself in establishment figures. 

Obama's laughing as McCain speaks. As he should. McCain's got nothing. It is funny.

Schieffer asks about the running mates. Good question. 

Obama sings Biden's praises. Consistent pattern of fighting for little guy. Good line. Shares core values. 

McCain...uh, never mind. No, Palin is a role model for women! She's a reformer, through and through. Ugh. Brings up special needs families. Groan. 

Obama treads carefully when asked by Schieffer whether Palin is qualified. 


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