Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Live-Blog, part 2

Ugh. McCain botches his "paternity/criminal issue" bear joke. Second reference to age. Not good. 

Obama, for all of his strengths, is not a great debater. Good news: McCain is worse. 

So far, this lacks the electricity of the primary debates, but hey, it's early yet. 

Split screen as McCain talks. Obama looks angry rather than thoughtful. McCain should stop with the jokes. He sounds like everyone's lame grandfather. 

Oh, Obama has just interjected with an objection. Smile more, Barack. His makeup sucks. Hate to mention it, but in this arena it all makes a diff. 

McCain is on a roll with a diatribe against earmarks. Sounding fired up and understandable. On to his pander list. 

Obama looks directly into camera and says 96% of us will get a tax cut. Starts drilling into McCain's facts and loopholes. Nails McCain on his tax plan.

McCain makes good use of metaphor. Nails Obama on voting for earmark-laden bill. 

Obama fires back using big oil as a bludgeon. 

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