Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Live-Blog, part 4

Oooh, Obama nails McCain with record of voting with Bush 90% of the time on the "orgy of spending". Good segment. 

McCain uses "miss congeniality" for second time. Used that one already grandpa.

On to Iraq...

McCain begins will odd Palinesque response. Brings it back to success of surge. Cloaks himself in Petraeus's garb.

Obama goes back to initial question of whether we belong in Iraq to begin with. McCain and Bush reference again. Keep that up. "We took our eye off the ball." Looks directly into the camera and says "We must use military wisely." Good stuff. 

McCain attacks Obama for not going to Iraq and not holding a hearing. Obama defends, praises military and Petraeus. Attacks mismanagement of the war. Addresses McCain directly and attacks. Repeats "You were wrong" three times. Brings judgement into it. 

McCain claims Obama doesn't know diff between tactic and strategy. Claims surge is strategy instead of tactic. Claims Obama cut funding from troops.

Obama defends himself, attacks McCain's own funding opposition. Reminds people of timetable. Ties bin Laden's freedom to McCain. Wants to capture and kill bin Laden and "crush" al Qaeda.

They argue about Adm. Mullens. 

McCain: Surge is strategy. Obama: Surge is tactic. McCain: Strategy. Obama: Tactic. Etc., etc. 

Obama wants more troops in Afghanistan—two to three brigades. Again calls Iraq a strategic mistake, underlining strategic verbally. Nice touch. Bush and McCain again in failure in Afghanistan. 

McCain admits mistake in leaving Afghanistan in 1980. Doesn't want to talk about attacking Pakistan.

Obama defends his statements on Pakistan, attacks McCain's temperament. 

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