Friday, September 26, 2008

George W. Bush: Liberal Hero

Really. He and his cronies continue to ruin the Republican "brand," and the country reaps what 30+ years of trickle-down policies have sown—their rancid, social Darwinistic ideology and neo-conservative strategies are thoroughly discredited and will likely remain so for at least a generation. 

One more piece of anecdotal evidence (and I've seen scores of these types of e-mail throughout the past year) from U.S. News & World Report
Economic conservatives may be horrified at the thought of a trillion-dollar bailout of Wall Street, but the GOPers on Wall Street seem horrified that they are being left to wither on the vine by Washington. Take a look at this email I just got last night from a money manager:
I am a lifelong ( 51 years old) "rock-ribbed" conservative.... What an eye opener this week has been! I now realize what a blowhard Newt truly is by advocating the GOP bail on the Paulson Plan. As a professional money manager I can tell you I am shocked, dismayed and depressed that the Speaker would excoriate the GOP to abandon this plan which is URGENT and necessary to avoid a financial catastrophe that once commenced may be irreversible. The level of ignorance of financial and economic reality displayed by the Speaker, Rep. Boehner, Sen. Shelby , et al, has been frightening and sad. I thought the GOP had a better grasp of such matters than the Dems. Apparently not. And if this has been pure election gamesmanship as I suspect? The willingness to play politics with the U.S. financial markets is appalling and disgusting.

I am a huge Reagan fan and admirer. I have voted GOP every election since 1976. Until now. Today. September 25, 2008. As soon as I finish this email I am going to try and get my $1000 McCain/Palin credit card donation back as I will not be voting GOP this year after watching this circus and the theatres passing as leadership displayed by the GOP. I am embarrassed to have been an erstwhile supporter of this gaggle of self-serving jerks. I hope the GOP lose their asses come November. They shall deserve it.
I'd ask what took him so long, but, hey, he's a conservatives, and they're slower to move than the rest of us (and they need to feel the pain in their wallets). Welcome to reality, my friend.

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