Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Live-Blog, part 8

McCain filibusters segment change. Obama corrects McCains attacks on him. 

Cross talk. 

Likelihood of another 9/11 attack. 

McCain: Nation is safer, but not safe. Worked across the aisle. Invokes Loserman and their work on bipartisan commission and the wonderful Dept. of Homeland Security. Wants restrictions against torture. Now, he does?

Obama: We're safer in some ways. But....mentions transit and ports. Mentions suitcase bombs. More al Qaeda. Supports missile defense shield. What??? News to me. Yipes. Brings up America's standing in the world. Greatest country on earth, yada, yada. 

McCain is back to talking about withdrawal from Iraq and other defeat talk. When he lowers his volume and raises pitch to underscore his points, he makes my ears bleed. 

Obama again ties McCain to Bush administration. Reminds us that bin Laden is still running free. 

McCain: I've been involved in everything over the years! Everything. Now calls Obama stubborn and ties him with Bush! Major jui-jitsu, Daniel-san. Embraces veterans. Reform. Prosperity. Peace. Now he's talking so that Americans can understand him. Ungha. Buhnga. Boo. 

Obama invokes his Kenyan father. This is a good idea? Hmm. 

McCain: You may not know this, but I was a POW! 

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