Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Live-Blog, part 7

On to Russia.

Obama: Their actions in Georgia were unacceptable. Can pronounce those crazy country names. Affirm fledgling democracies. Won't return to Cold War posture. 

McCain: Attacks Obama; calls him naive. Another lame joke (Looked into Putin's eyes and saw three letters: a K, a G, and a B). Got he should just stop with the dumb jokes. Tougher language on Russia than Obama. Ties it all in with oil pipeline. 

We now know both of them can pronounce mutli-syllabic Slavic proper nouns. 

Obama and McCain basically agree. Obama defends against McCain "naive" attack. Must have foresight and judgement. He warned administration about a situation. Did he? Who knows? 

Dammit, he's conceded the offshore drilling point. Nuclear and clean coal, too. Smart politics, but disappointing. More focus on green energy please. Knocks McCain on voting against alternative energies. Mentions climate change.

Next segment...

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