Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Live-Blog, part 6

On to Iran.

McCain says Iran is existential threat to Israel and region if Iran gets nukes. We can't allow second holocaust. Pander to Jewish community. Takes on Russia. Proposes league of democracies to impose pain on Iran's regime. Warns us about Iranian threat. Boo!

Obama does believe Rev. Guard is terrorist organization. Correctly points out that Iraq War has strengthened Iran. Cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran. Panders to Jewish lobby himself. Wants to engage in tough diplomacy with Iran. Repeat when I am president of the United States for, what, the sixth time? Excellent. 

McCain stumbles over Ahmadinejad's name. Thinks talks with him will lend him and his anti-Semitism legitimacy. Invokes Reagan and Kissinger. Wants preconditions. 

Obama defends. Claims Ahmadinejad's not most powerful person in Iran. Doesn't back down on preconditions. Points out that Kissinger agrees with him on the point. Uses Bush's approach to N. Korea as to underscore his point. Nails McCain on his Spanish president comments from last week. 

McCain tries lame zinger in response. 

Obama claims McCain is mischaracterizing his position. 

McCain gets in a good zinger. 

Finally some sparks.

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